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Data bank

The research conducted in our Lab has rendered a robust set of spatially explicit biological data. Some of the raw data are already available (directions of specific publications), others make part of online banks such as BIOFRAG and SpeciesLink, and others can be specifically requested directly from the lab members. Please notice that we are working on a standardized protocol for data sharing, that will make available as soon as possible.



Our lab contributes to the BIOFRAG, an initiative proposed as a new measure that can combine the data gathered in the thousands of fragmentation studies to form a defensible estimate of the real impact that habitat fragmentation is having on biodiversity. The BIOFRAG index effectively scales up observational data (point-based) into a landscape-level statistic, either of the response of individual species to fragmentation or of the response of species communities. BIOFRAG can thus reflect the net biological impact of forest fragmentation (at species and community level), providing the basis for developing a widely applicable index.

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