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Prospective students

Most of our students are linked to the Graduate Program in Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation at UESC, through the courses at Master and Ph.D. degrees. As all public universities in Brazil, tuition is free.  The first step to enrolling in to choose and get in contact with an advisor from our main researchers and collaborators team, and prospect common research goals. Attention: foreigners are eligible to apply but, besides the VISA and other documents required to study in Brazil, candidates must have 1. their degrees officially recognized by a Brazilian university and 2. show proficiency in Portuguese. Information on degree recognition and language proficiency can be obtained by contacting a potential supervisor.

Candidates can join the programs by applying in either of two public selection processes: the regular and the institutional. Application for the regular selective process occurs from September to November, with interviews and exams occurring in December. Successful candidates are ranked according to their performance during the selection, and this ranking is used to prioritize the allocation of available fellowships from the program (see “Fellowships”).


Through the institutional selection process, the candidates are indicated from program's partner institutions to develop collaborative research (dissertations or thesis) between UESC and these institutions. The entry of candidates is also made by selection, whose characteristics vary according to each selective process, but always involves tests and analysis of the research proposals. Unlike the regular selection process, applicants do not receive fellowships from the program quota.


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